Sell Copper

Are You Looking to Sell Copper Scrap?

Do you have excess copper laying around? Did you know that you can sell copper and there are even places that buy scrap copper?

Our company is here to help you sell copper even if it is just scrap. We can take most scrap copper including cut offs, extra parts, and unused cuts. No matter where your scrap came from, our experts can buy it from you.

We are here to give you the leading place in Calgary to sell your copper. Whether you are an electrician that has extra wire from your last job or you’ve got more than enough scrap copper piping laying around, we can help you cut down on waste while making a few dollars along the way.

Today’s market values copper like a fine metal. Sadly, much of the waste copper in our community still makes its way to the landfill. When you send your copper to us, you not only walk away with cash in hand, but you also get to help Calgary stay that much greener.

Recycling copper helps keep our landfills free of this valuable metal. It also helps us control where we get our copper from. This metal is highly reusable and can be recycled again and again which not only saves your industry money in the long run, it helps keep our home clean.

We are here to purchase all of your scrap copper. We’ve been working for years to become the leading home of scrap copper in Calgary. Our scrap yard can handle a wide range of scrap metals including copper. If your company has more scrap metal than you know what to do with, our team is here to help.

Stop paying out huge sums to private waste removal companies and start putting some of that hard earned money back into your pocket.

We provide Calgary with the leading places that buy scrap copper. Give our team a call today and learn what we can do for your business.